My first work challenge of the year.

Remember i had a meeting few days ago with a big bank client who's asking us to provide a proposal with one of their big event?

well... we do submitted our proposal on time. after a lot of sourcing out with suppliers, friends and making use of  each one's "connections". satisfied to say that we were able to developed something that meets their requirements and most importantly, their budget. 

it was just a bidding anyway. they said, during the meeting that they already have one supplier in mind but will also consider our proposal if in case they find it more interesting. two suppliers already begged off due to time constraint and their super "limited budget". Time constraint? we met friday and they want the quote submitted monday afternoon. 

But yeah as i said, we were able to meet their deadline. :-)

Now the challenge is this. I just got an email copy-furnished to all the marketing people and it seems that the project has been awarded to us. Yey! I was surprised to see the comment of our president that reads:  Jem, Leny, and Daisy should be able to pull this one for us!

Meaning, the three of us will do the formal presentation of our proposed program on Tuesday, February 3. It's ok though. I mean, it is exciting at the same time challenging on my part. at least my effort on sourcing out the lowest cost possible had turned out very good.

I know WE CAN do this. Not just "doing it" but "making it happen".

Happy. Glad. Excited. Flattered.


Before going online tonight, i couched myself first to:
a reunion of TITANIC's Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. I don't remember this movie making a hit. Still i gave it a try. I am surprised that it was a different Jack and Rose this time.

I found myself bored, although there are some scenes that caught me. This is basically a story of the couple's frustration at their inability to feel fulfilled in their relationships or careers.

This is not a feel-good movie, nor i could say as an artistic production, or whatever. 

but then i was caught with one of the lines in the movie..

"How do you break free without breaking apart?"

family "ties"

weekend was spent with foods!!! and more food!!!!

it was my aunt's birthday at bulacan and as promised, i went over their place. I arrived lunchtime (traffic in NLEX sucks!!!) and i was so happy that she cooked almost all of my favorite dishes. Sabi ko na nga ba favorite ako ng tita kong yan e! hehehe!

Chikka galore the whole day. Well, its really nice to have a bonding talk with her. And with my uncles, too. These are the moments that I am able to understand what is it that they are going through and somehow makes me feel so lucky with what I have. 

What I am thankful for is that, whatever the situtation is, they still remained to be the thoughtful, sweetest, and caring person as they are... as what i have known them to be. Well, sila naman kasi ang nagiging takbuhan ko when im emotionally bothered.

And they understands me. And will never leave me. 

After my aunt's birthday, I went straight ahead to my cousin's house in pampanga for her son and my inaanak's 7th birthday and their town's fiesta.

Ayun! food galore na naman. I helped her prepare and cook foods! It was 3 years since i last went there and Im so surprised to see my pamangkins all grown-up. 

Which reminds me, im getting old. hahaha!

It was a tiring weekend for me but the time spent with them is incomparable. Im sure, matatagalan bago ako ulit makadalaw sa kanila...

and i miss them now. iba talaga kasi pag bonding ng pamilya.

.... and i miss my dad too.


i can sleep well!

I have my new bed mattress! BLF accompanied me to the factory shop of URATEX near them and bought a new one.

Just for your information, I am having a hard time sleeping in my bed the past months because I can literally feel the steel framework of my bed dahil sa nipis ng old mattress ko!

That's why I have to cut my day off at the office to catch the store hours of the factory shop. It is much cheaper to buy there compared to malls. a lot lot difference!

and just about now, i am comfortably experiencing my new sleeping crib. mukang mapapasarap ako ng tulog nito...

and i need to be reminded.. i have to be early for work tomorrow.

by the way, after getting the mattress, BLF toured me at SM Marikina! Hahaha! It was my first time to be there and in fairness... it is more spacious than other SM in the metro. Maluwag. Even their parking space.. pwede ka mag conduct ng dance class! hehehe...

... and pag-uwi dito sa house, sinalubong kami ng isang cute na cute na bata...

isn't she cute??? i just so love her!!!


He already showed me what to do.

As soon as I opened my email this morning, i got a mail from my boss asking me to attend to a client meeting also on Friday at Makati. It's going to be a big event project. She asked me to meet with the client together with two of my other officemate to discuss details and parameters of the project.

I have 2 client meetings on Friday.

No choice but to cancel my job interview with ABS.

I guess, if ots really meant for me then they will call me again next week.

I am happy though with my present job. SATISFIED. as of now, i don't have any plans of leaving but since an opportunity knocked, i thought maybe its worth giving a try...

......... im cutting my day off now. im meeting blf at greenhills and we'll gonna buy my new bed matress!!!!

see yah later!


i am.

another answered prayer was God's gift to me today.

I had a great presentation during our marketing meeting earlier. It was a different feeling... a sense of accomplishment.

especially when one of the members of mancom told me as soon as i took my seat after my presentation ... "ang gaganda ng ideas mo. natutuwa ako sayo", and when our president told me while im doing the presentation "that's a great idea. pursue that and we'll sit on that next meeting"... and seeing that all are agreeing with what I am saying... iba talaga ang feeling.

and while waiting for my turn, one of my contacts texted me and said "daei, are you guys doing a loyalty program?" of course i replied "YES". Just in tinme for my presentation that i was able to include it. kasi wala talaga akong nakalagay sa "pursue new accounts" part... and hola!!! i already have one... the last minute. And, i have a meeting with that contact this coming friday.

it was what i prayed.. for me to have a good presentation and something that could make sense. And it is true, if you pray and mean what you pray, he'll give you more than what you asked for...

after our meeting, we all went back to office to finish some deliverables. and i got a call from ABSCBN telling me that i have a job interview for the HEAD OF TECHNICAL OPERATIONS position. Whatttt?????? I never applied in any jobs at ABS in the first place? How am i able to get an interview schedule? plus they know my cellphone number???

... and it was scheduled also on Friday at 2pm.

That girl from the HR of ABS called in twice to confirm and making me sure that i will come.

My meeting is on Friday at 4pm and that interview on the same day at 2pm.

Tell me how am i gonna do that?

but still...

thank you and praise to you God. :-) i know that He'll show me what to do on Friday.

This Award is presented to bloggers who display consistency in any one or a combination of these conditions:
1. The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs.
2. The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.
3. There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
4. The Blog is refreshing and creative.
5. The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

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4. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.
5. The Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

I'm honored to be one of the selected few to receive this this award from Jona. Thank you mommy jo!

I started this blog wayback 2003. And its already 5 years that i regularly and trying to make time to post and update.

Why I created this blog?

I actually don't know why. I was just inspired by anne that upon reading her blog, i instantly wanted to have one of my own. she was a schoolmate in college. no, we are not that close. but we became friends right after school when i asked her to be one of the voice talents for a project from my previous job. it was actually through her blog that i was able to contact her that time. and i am glad that until now, during the times that i have some questions with regards to radio, or even when we bump into each other along emerald, we always have a little time catching up or even just to say "hi" *wink* right anne?

anyway.. back to this blog.

it was now that i am to starting to appreciate its value... looking back the days, it was so nice that most of my life's highlights are documented... and reading them makes me smile. and making me say that "yeah, i have grown up".

most of my life's drama, i wrote here. one time i told my bestfriend "o pag namatay ako eto na lang ang i-open nyo ha para sa memories. and all my life's treasured people are here"...

which is actually true.

this is my threshold. this is where i release all my feelings, my thoughts... myself.

and it feels really good that in some ways i am able to touch some people's lives. inspires them, make them smile, entertain, and simply giving them some company.

this blog means so much...and just really one that i treasure much. simple legacy.

and so i am giving this award to these people i know are more deserving and dedicated to their blogs: my besty nikay, sleepwalker, and dj anne.

celebrated today the 59th birthday of our dear DLW at the warehouse. The usual mouth-watering food catering was served.. our favorite beef caldereta and okoy. with pancit palabok, pinakbet, tawilis, fruit salad and the all time favorite cake, which until now we dont know where to buy. (only them knows :-()

we spent half of our day there...

and we need to go back to strata office because...


yes... tomorrow is the big day for us marketing peeps as we will be having our "pinakamadugong" marketing meeting ever!

this time, it will be held not in the office, but at the conference room of Asian Life at Galleria Corporate Center.

it will be a whole day meeting, which of course would include group dynamics activities.

we also have to present our own individual account status report plus the biggest assignment of all... we are asked to develop a new product or new income stream for the company.

well, fair enough i have my part of share. i was able to at least think of something that could be somehow will benefit the company and something doable on my part.

i hope that tomorow would be productive and of course, fun (in some ways)...

goodluck to us..

our bible study earlier (its a regular monday routine at the office) gave me a realization to what i am into right about now...

it gave me a "light" into making a RIGHT decision.

i already knew what i want.

... and i am really praying hard for this one.

its been a week since my last post.

and i dont have anything (or maybe just dont feel like) to write about. A lot of things happened but nothing so special in particular.

oh, there is... but i'd rather keep it for a while. i might spoil it... it's too early to say.

btw, my e-bay hobby is doing good! thanks to nikay who brought me there. I was able to make 3 transactions last week and this week, there are 3 pending bids on my items... extra income din!


we (marketing people) at the office was given a challenging assignment by our boss which is all due this coming wednesday. we need to present it individually. parang college project ba...

and we all HAVE to do it... 

... and until now, wala pa ko naiiisip na concept to present. :-(


will update more soon.


.. is the weather. 

and LAMIGGGG!!! Sobra!

especially when you go out of the house, you can literally feel the chills. Lalo na nasa mataas an lugar kami.. it actually feels good... 


i have been staying ALL ALONE here at home during nights for 3 days now. i miss being alone... at night. it's been my life way way back. peaceful. solemn...

makes me ponder on things... situations... decisions...


after 2 months, lokk at her... our cute little baby... growing more pretty and adorable...

her eyesight is starting to get clearer.. kasi nagrerespond na sya and she smiles whenever we talk to her...


It's a beutiful life after all...


isn't it that your family should be the first one to give you the support and encouragement in everything that you do?

that they should be the one who will truly understand you?

.... and accepts you despite all negative circumstances?

yes. i have a family that loves me more than i imagine. i have my dad... my mom whom i know guides and watches me every single day... and i am very much thankful to God for giving them to me...

it is just disappointing to finally realize that even the closest blood connection you have could be the worst stranger you could ever known.

worst... i never did anything to harm that person for me to be treated this way.

if its envy or jealousy, i don't think it's my problem. i tried fixing things up but it never worked. it's not my loss...

i just think i don't deserve this...

... after everything.

ang bago kong kinaka-adikan ngayon:

ang aking tutor: NIKAY

New Look

... to start a brand new year.

I actually wanted a different look from my past template but i am having a hard time applying the changes in a new template. Laging nag-eeror.

So for a while i thought to just stick with the template available in blogger. But then, even Nikay, who also have a new template (Check her out here) told me to change into a different layout since plain white is all too boring..

Now here it is... pagkatapos kong pagpuyatan kagabi. Di talaga ako nakatulog hangga't di ko nafifigure-out kung bakit nag-eeror...

Even if I have to re-build all the widgets and everything, ok lang.. 

Will do some finishings pa... but for now, here it is...

what do you guys think?


A Call to all the THOMASIANS who might stumble upon this blog... 

USTe.TV is the INTERACTIVE website for ALL Thomasians to build up for the

"USTe.TV" stands for "UST Electronic Thomasian Village" which serves as the virtual village to unite and connect all Thomasians worldwide as we gear up for our alma mater's 400th birthday!

This is the website that we will use to attract and invite the 200,000 living UST Alumni scattered all over the world.

The big goal is to reach a membership base of at least 100,000 Thomasians living all over the globe as well as fill ALL of the UST Campus with USTenians during the 400th birthday celebrations on January 28, 2011.

Kaya join na lang kayong lahat and invite your UST classmates, batchmates, seatmates, and cheatmates, etc., etc...

Let's lead the way in getting ALL THOMASIANS together in one ONLINE interactive community....

...parang virtual hang out or tambayan ng lahat ng mga taga-USTe!

Anyone who went through the portals of UST from Elementary, High School, College, Medicine, Graduate School etc...are welcome to join us NOW at http://www.USTe.TV

The more THOMASIANS you invite and join to beta-test it, the better so please SPREAD THIS MESSAGE to every USTe-nian (Thomasian) you know...

Mabuhay ang USTe! is created by Joel Christopher Remandaban. I got this message via friendster and i'm posting it here as a way of reaching out to my thomasian friends and batchmates whom i know usually visits here..

... and back to reality.

After 2 weeks of loooong vacation, finally we'll be back to office tomorrow. To some, i guess its a sad reality but for me, it is indeed a RELIEF!! Finally im going back to work! Mas gusto ko ngayon sa office kesa amg stay dito sa bahay.

Although, things will be back to normal tomorrow kasi mas maluwag na sa bahay. I will finally have my peace... at last!

Its a long story though.. why i don't want to stay here.. there are just some people who are really hard to deal with. 

And for 2 weeks out of office, nakakamiss din... kelangan ko pa nga mag ayos ng table ko. Parang dinaanan pa yun ng bagyo...

We'll have a mass tomorrow at our office to start the year... 

Praying taht 2009 will be best for all of us...


Kung ganito ang makikita mong signage habang palabas ka ng exit sa parking, anong susundin mo??

Sakit sa ulo di ba???? 
(Trinoma level 3 parking)

its the 1st of January, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I am welcoming the year with much joy, hope and a prayer that the Lord would bless it abundantly.

My 2008 wasn't exactly that perfect.. it was more of a trial year for me. I have encountered pain.. more pains.. but i was able to stood up. It has of course, happy moments too..

I am blessed to have spent it with significant people and I am happy to have been part of their lives too. I have found true friends, i fell in love, i almost wanted to quit my job but in the end realized that i love it, i have become more close to daddy, i was able to travel across the country, and a lot lot lot more blessings to be thankful for.

I survived 2008.

And comes 2009, I have my personal wish. A prayer. A goal.

Whatever is this year of the ox has in store for me, I am thankful.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life.

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