it's been a year since he left. time flies really fast. 

and yes. i still miss him... quite often. 

if only... 

after an errand at qc and a 5-hour sleep at home, i met with my uber sooo good friend wisa at eastwood last night. it was a bonding date of us two.

i arrived 30-minutes earlier (she's the one with the trademark of "forever late" eversince college days) and so i checked out the "us girls" celebrity bazaar while waiting for her.

There are lots of stuffs on sale but still expensive (for me it was). there are some pre-owned clothes, accesories and other stuffs by some celebrities also on sale. but i, personally wouldn't buy that stuffs. why would i? well, di rin naman ganun kabenta yung mga pre-owned items. 

i was able to buy 2 shorts and 2 socks for lalique.

as soon as wisa came, we had dinner at dencios. sobrang war of wars na mga tyan namin sa gutom e.  dyan masarap kasama si wisa.. sa kainan! kasi pati ikaw gaganahan kumain. hehhee!! peace sis!

we had sizzling bangus belly, kare-kare and her favorite dessert turon over ice-cream. superb! we end up so full.

then after dinner, we stroll along the area, the tiangge corner, and just walked around while catching-up. dami rin namiss na updates with each other.

it was really our bonding moment. 

and of course wisa, uulitin natin to.. :-)

quickie post

almost a week with no post at all.

been very busy the past days with work (dealing with complicated work issues, politics, plus deadlines to meet), christmas party preparations (which is gonna be on the 6th. yep we have an early party. the only available schedule we got at Jade Palace), and playing with my cute little niece.

look at her at 3 weeks old...
she now looks more girlie... we are so aliw when we have her wore his first little dress. Medyo malaki pa nga pero excited lang talaga kaming bihisan sya.


a change could possibly happen soon. i won't divulge it yet. baka maudlot e. but i will know the final verdic tomorrow.

if it happens, it'll gonna be a big big change in my life.

down south

im a south girl today.

it was saab's baptism today and im one of the ninangs. the ceremony held at the Holy Family Church in BF Homes Las Piñas and reception follows at Ludwig's place at DBP Homes. 

Mareng Bee, Marshee (saab's mom) Me and the adorable Sabina. 

I just sooo loves her...

After lunch, I went straight home. Took a rest. And that evening, an abrupt tagaytay trip with a friend. Had dinner at Bon Giornio located at Cliffhouse. It was a resto just like Itallianis. Good food I may say. Great ambiance and superb service. 

The place is perfect if you want to have a little quiet time or just to simply relax and get away with stress.. 

... or just to simply have a quality bond. :)


Nakakastress lately..

Ang dami dami daming issues.. 

Sa office, hindi na katulad ng dati... hmmm... let me just say im feeling quite disappointed... sa mga tao sa paligid ko. 

You'll never really knew who's showing their true colors. 

Favoritism. discrimination, power tripping, kissing superior's ass... 


For 3 years that i've been here, ngayon ko lang to nararamdaman...

it is true.. crab mentality is still present...

yaan ko na lang... wala rin naman mangyayari kung papa-apekto ako.


it's not final yet... but with how things are going, seems like i have to treasure our every single time together. as what sir jem told me earlier.. "himas-himasin mo na yan mukang magpapaalam ka na sa kanya"...

no i dont want to! because i want you to stay with me... i will do my very best to fight and justify that we need to stay together. Not because other people want you means they can take you away from me.

i will do as much as i can.

macky... please stay....


Spent the whole day at Divisoria buying stuffs for our Christmas Party. It was a trio tandem between me, cheng and ma'am cel. We started as early as 8am and then finished by 4pm. We bought a lot of stuffs: baloons, party poppers, stuffs for the kid's lootbags, games prizes and more!

Of course, singit na rin ang personal shopping for gifts this christmas. *wink*

As usual, jampacked ang tao.. maluwag luwag pa nga coz it's not yet the peak season for shopping rush. 

Ang sarap magshopping sa divi as always! super cheap ng bilihin and you have a wide variety of choices. Kulang ang isang araw actually. In fact, babali pa kamin next week coz we realized we haven't gotten all that we need. Kulang pa pala.

It was tiring but super enjoyable day for the three of us!

sa uulitin! 

A busy weekend that is. And yup, di ako natuloy sa Puerto Galera!

Friday night...

i met my besties Nikay w/ Aw, and Van Van for Nikay's 29th year advance celebration.  Dinner at Max's Megamall. A "quickie date" of the four of us. 

Advance happy 29th, my foodie bestie!! 


Met up with Wisa, Acy and John to visit our dear Bonzai "Lanipot" who just came home from Dubai 2 weeks ago and is suppose to go back there tomrw. We'd better see her before it's too late.. hahaha!

Had so much fun with the whole family! Videoke to max and overflowing food!!! :)

See you again in six months bonz!


I thought it was going to be my rest day until Tito Julio (the head of Matias family *wink*) woke me up and asked me to join them (Tito Julio, Tita Nelie, and Joel) at Laguna Bel-Air for his brother's birthday. I had no choice but to go. Nakakahiya naman tumanggi...

Though I didn't knew the people there, it was my first time to meet them actually, I had a good time. They are all so accommodating and makukulit. I never got bored which I thought I would.

Yun nga lang, I had no pic to post.. Nakakahiya magpicture e.. :p

And yes, I enjoyed the place. Parang ang sarap tumira dun... tahimik kasi.

and ang pinaka hassle sa lahat...

the reason why I wasn't able to post stuffs earlier...

Macky's power adapter sparked (which i dunno the reason) and it stopped charging. I have to bring it at PowerMac to check but unfortunately, i need a replacement unit which would cost me a whopping 5,000.00.

The same ting happened to Ma'am Cel few weeks ago. Hmm.. may sumpa yata mga mac namin pag umaabot ng 1 year ah..

Now im wondering who's gonna carry the 5,000 expense? Would it be me or our office??? 

If ever, sana pwedeng half-half. Hehehehe!

Kmusta naman yan????

This was taken November 2006. 2 years ago. 

For some reasons, we weren't able to come back the year after.

And this year, we'll going back there... and it's gonna be this weekend..

November is really something to remember by the three of us... and we would want to preserve it by going here every mid-november...

Hay sa wakas! Bakasyon ulit... 

inabangan ko talaga ang kanyang precious smile... look at these...

tini-train ko na yan magproject habang bata pa.. hehehehe!  

Happy Tita

No post lately because i've a very busy as a tita cum baby sitter to our sooooo adorable Lalique who's been home for 3 days now. 

She really grew fast. In three days she obviously gained pounds and her muscles developed so fast. Tabatsing-tsing na nga sya e.

Everyone here are so addict to her . She brought happiness and joy to everyone.  She can already respond to our baby talks...


will post more pics of her soon...

my first sticker for the coffee season... the planner rush...

i want the red one!!!

A cute little angel came...

A new member of the family...

Our bundle of joy...



Isn't she cute? Well, everyone agrees... malakas ang dugo ng daddy nya. But she looks more like her tito junel daw...hmm... yeah, i agree. Kuhang kuha ang mata ng pamilya nila.. hehe..

But she's definitely soooo adorable... 

And she made a LOT of difference in "our" situation. Sya lang pala ang magbabago ng lahat...

Coffee Fever

will start tomorrow, 4th of November.

... haven't seen the actual planner yet, but i heard they have added a lot of new perks in it.

... excited :D

at Lubao Memorial Park
with Christian, Tita Mita, Tito Lito, Tito Boy, Tito Atong, Tito Jon and Daddy 

it's been a year since i pay visist to mommy, lolo and lola. And it feels good to be with them again. 

I missd them so much.. especially my mommy...

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