featuring the club's trainers and gx instructors...

and 2 of my closest trainers are part of it...

MAWEL ... ang laging nanlilibre sakin dahil inaasikaso ang ipod nya. hehehe. he never miss to say hi to me whenever we see each other at the gym. kapag nagkasalubong kame for sure.. chikkaminute ang mangyayari... and this guy knows (i think) how things are and kung ano na ba ang mga latest sa buhay ng isa't isa...

hmmm.. ok na sana e.. kaso natagalan ka yatang mag strip ng sando mo??? hehehehe!

and... MARLO... ang kasama ko araw araw. Ang taong nagtiyaga na papayatin ako. My partner in everything...

ok. kahit halos lahat ng mga models e mukang kabado, still u guys made a great job! Congratulations!

after the show... kelangan naman masolo ko ang supermodel ko diba????

gusto ko...

ng ice cream
ng cake... hmm... yung chocolate mousse!
ng sinigang.. hmm.. sinigang na sugpo! huwwaaw!!!
ng green mango shake
mag out of town
mag relax sa isang tahimik at di mataong lugar
maging busy
ng raket.. ng madaming raket... para may pambayad ako sa credit cards ko
laging makasama mga friends ko
ng quality time kasama daddy ko
makita mommy ko even just for a single second
mag videoke...
ng beer

pero... bakit ganun? parang may kulang pa rin...

simple lang naman ang gusto ko. ewan ko bakit hindi ko makuha... bakit hindi ako mapagbigyan...

gusto ko lang naman na...

.... maging masaya.


you pushed the trigger.

gave me the reason to stop.

you showed me the way out.

yes, it could probably be my fault why all of a sudden you felt that way. I have become and acted so close, when in fact I should'nt.

I thought I knew you that well...

and you showed me that I was wrong.

I don't know how you were able to say all those things to me before.. which made me kept on holding on. Believeing that we share this kind of "bond" which only the two of us can understand.

and im sad that in a snap... everything changed.

all these times, I have been around and wanted to save this. Trying my very best to understand every little things you said.

shallow reasons.

and now i am thinking.. maybe the rumors are true.

I have given you my trust. As much as possible I didn't want to entertain the thought. Because it's your reputation... and I don't want to believe that you are what others are thinking.

im surprised.

now it's over.

Im letting it go...

I cannot take it anymore. I'm giving you what you want.

I am giving myself a chance to be happy.

on my own.

When she cries, at night,
And she doesn't think that he can hear her.
She tries, to hide,
All the fear she feels inside.

She's always been there for him,
Whenever he'd fallen.
When nobody else believes,
She'll be there by his side.
He doesn't know how she takes it,
Just once, he'd like to make it,
Then there'll be tears of joy,
That fill her lovin' eyes.

i feel so...



I was not really in a good mood the whole day yesterday.

I am not that fully loaded with work.. which, really, doesn't helped me at all... and i am not liking it. Giving me the whole time to open sites that feeds my curiosity.. ending up... discovering things I should not want to know.

"What you don't know wont hurt you"

Come to think of it, I really shouldn't care anyway. Afterall it's not under my control and sometimes things could just surprise you in a snap. I really don't know what's happening but my instinct is killing me. Is it just me? Or is there really something going on? Should I care? I dont know... but it's hurting me... a bit.

the answer is right in front of me... and i am hesistant to look at it. still having second thoughts... what if there's a different story? I am trying my very best not to close my mind into what's layed infront of me. I still have the hope that there is something more deep that I should know...


pero hindi naman dapat...

binibigyan ko lang ng problema ang sarili ko.

AND TO THE RESCUE: Yhanee.. ang kaladkarin naming friend, Joebelita... whose priority are us more than her deadlines, at si Kuya na adik na adik sa gym ngayon...

hindi ko rin alam kung bakit pero one word to describe it: LAUGHING TRIP.

Maybe because.. all of us had the bad mood for that day... and its our way of releasing the bad energy.

ang eavesdropping ni kuya waiter ng recipes sa mga problema namin...

samahan pa ng chocolate ice cream na dala ni kuya.

and ang deadline ni joebs...

at ang pagpadpad namin sa starbucks para makaplug ng lowbat na laptop ni yhanee para makapagtrabaho si joebel... of course! ano priority ni joebel??? di nya kasi kami matiis!!!

inabot na kami ng umaga sa podium.

with friends like them????? who needs an enemy????


CONGRATULATIONS to my besty besty CLENG for passing the NCLEX.
I am so so proud of you bestfriend!!!

She turned 29 today...

and we gave her a little "surprise party" yesterday. planned 3 days before her
birthday... we have her sister and her mama as an accesory. hehehe!

all she knew it was a focus group discussion. at para mas maconvince sya na umalis ng bahay, that fgd would pay her 2,000.00 as a participant. so the moment that she and jeng were out, here's what we are doing..

busy putting up balloons and decorations. preparing the foods and all. having fun while the celebrant was being fooled by her sister... hehehe...

si rj, medyo hilo na sa paglalagay ng decorations...

we tried as much as possible to gather all her friends. Her mom was so happy nga to see and meet everyone. Ngayon lang nya kasi nakilala yung ibang friends ni birthday girl. Everyone was so cooperative. It was a success... hindi nakahalata ang isusurprise namin...

For the food, it was potluck... lahat may kanya kanyang dala...

the cake and bread from moi and louise,
the spaghetti and palabok from yhanee and rj,
paella from lawrence,
and the decorations from rheyan...

And when she arrived...

syempre na-surprise sya (tutuktukan ko sya pag hindi!).... party started. after eating, magic sing conqured the moment. showdown silang lahat!

here are the girls... mama i, jeng, jaja, mommy, moi, yhanee, louise and the birthday girl...


sige joebs.. ilabas mo na lang lahat sa kanta! hehehe!

hope we made you happy in our own small way joebs! we love you so much girl... and whatever is it that you are wishing right now... here's my word: you deserve more than that!

you know that we are always here for you and wag kalimutan ang mga aral na natutunan ha!!!


haven't been able to blog the past days...

First, i do not have anything to write about. Or should I say I am not in the mood to write about what's been going on. It's not that complicated though but its just that having to go on details again doesn't make me feel better.

Long vacation is over. Spent time with my daddy, my 3 little pamangkins who I loved so so much, my brother and my sister in law, and my tita. Spent maundy thursday with my cousins at Bulacan in time for my Kuya Olan's birthday. We had night swimming at the nearby resort, and im glad i found some peace while floating on the pool.

Back to Manila on Good Saturday.

It wasn't really the kind of vacation that I expected. I thought things would go on its way but sadly, my expectations failed me.

Dissappointment. Hurt.

I was left with no choices.

And I need to deal with things... the hard way.

April 3, 2005
Seattles Best, Greenbelt 3

it was a get-together dinner with our dear "bonsai" who just came from Dubai. She actually arrived last week and is about to go back tomorrow. She just went home to attend her sister's graduation 3 days ago. Of course we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to see each other again.... It has been 9 years.

We had dinner and coffee. Catching ups, reminiscing old days... sayang nga kasi 1 week lang sya dito.

And lanie! thanks for the "super late that never" 18-gifts ceremony of you. :-) I love the lipstick!

See you again on October!!!

we'll miss you!

i was browsing my friendster account and encountered this...

just right at the moment... bull's eye!

"keep your distance for the next few days, or at least until you get a better idea of who this person really is."

is this a sign?


I remember what my besty told me... "ok lang yan. at least ngayon naaapreciate mo mga friends mo."

yup. she's right. at this point of my life, I feel so blessed to have my friends around. and its so timing that my job requires me to be a "busy bee" too. To be so preoccupied with other things is what i need now. to have my thoughts focusing on more important stuffs... work, family and myself.

but sometimes, Im having a hard time.

My Dad. I know I haven't been there for him lately. I know he needs me right now. Last week, I planned of visiting him but it didn't push through because I was assigned as one of the trainors for Petron-SM Advantage Card (more details later) at Quezon Province and Batangas City. I have a guilt feeling though when it come to my Dad. I barely had time for him. Especially now... he's sick and I know he also wants me beside him. But then I often tell him.. "I'm busy with work" or "I need some rest, Im so tired and stressed". Stuffs like that. But God knows how I misses him.

But the truth is.. I got so preoccupied with things I thought would make me happy. That would satisfy me. To the point that I sacrificed the times that I should've been with him. Yeah, half-truth, I am also busy with work stuffs. "After work stuffs" made me more pre-occupied.

And it should end now.

I should make-up for the time that was suppose to be with him.

About the training I mentioned earlier, it was a part of my rehabilitation plan. Ayokong mabaliw kakaisip at magmukmok mag-isa sa bahay. That's why when Minnie asked me if I wanted to be a trainor for 2 days, I said yes instantly. In fact, sayang din yung trainors fee... plus of course, this is an opportunuty na maging uber busy.

We left manila saturday morning and headed to Quezon province. Inisa isa namin ang mga Petron Stations dun and we trained the staffs on how to use the SM Advantage Card with Petron. I was able to train 4 stations. Training for that day ended around 5pm. We checked-in at Castle Bernardina at Lucena City. Just beside SM Lucena. Sobrang Pagod. Mahirap kasi layo layo yung mga stations.

By Sunday we headed at Batangas City. Same thing, we visited avery Petron Stations of the town. Thanks to one of the dealers there kasi sinagot nya lunch namin! :-) We finished around 7pm. And we arrived in Manila around 9pm na.

Kung ganito lang ako ka-busy araw-araw, ok sana. Kaso hindi.

This coming holy week, a long vacation is up... i would stay at my dad's house. No plans of going anywhere.

And hoping to settle everything...

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