My cousin-cum-inaanak is staying with us for his sembreak vacation. He's taking up his philosphy course in a seminary somewhere in Odiongan, Romblon. (opo..malayo po sa sibilisasyon.. hehehe!) Glad that he's with us... the last time we were together was new year 2006.

He has changed. A lot. Surprisingly, he's not the old pasaway kid we knew back then. His stay at the seminary caused him to be a little "better" now. He's more "religious" now, so to say. Which i think is good though. Hindi lang siguro kami sanay na ganun sya. And the fact that our family is not that "strict" (am i on the right word here?) when it comes to religion.

It's not our routine to pray before and after meals, me personally, dont attend mass regularly.. or every Sunday, but I know my faith. It's within me.

Anyway, im glad that he's here. I missed him so much. He is may favorite inaanak.

And, since tito and I are free yesterday, we went out, with Ysa. Headed to Mall of Asia and bought him stuffs. Then ate out. Namiss daw nya kasi yung mga moments like that sa province.

And he's staying with us until the end of the sembreak. He'll be able to make it on All Saints Day to visit mommy, lolo and lola.


speaking of the coming holiday, until now i haven't got the time to buy candles and stuffs. I know I should be doing it by now.

I still have until tommorrow to do it anyway. *wink*


Extra challenege ako today....

My boss asked me to present 5 studies of catalogue cover for BPI. Due in 5 hours. haha! Well, I was actually prepared for it anyway. Kasi Friday pa lang, I already have the feeling na mangyayari to today. Erika already advised me na I have to make studies nga daw.

I was just glad, boss is in good mood earlier and that she already commended my work while im on the process of doing the first study. It motivates me. Ending up, I was able to give her what she needed. From the five studies, she had 3 choices. Then gave me some of her inputs for minor revisions.. and then tadah! She asked me to email it to her and then she, eventually forwarding it to the client.

Erika! sabi syo e.. relax! harhar! we shouldn't be affected by the pressure.. hehehe! Well, boss is actually giving her the pressure since weekend... plus the fact that the girl is under the 39 degree of temperature until now. Gurl, please GET WELL SOON!!! Because I'll be needing your rescuing power soon! hahaha!


Will go to the gym later...

Need to check out on something....


and before i forgot...

this should be included on my previous post...

i weighed myself again...and im back to....

122 lbs!!!



had a great workout last night...

i pretty made sure i have the focus on "my workout" this time.. haha!

my routine:

warm up --> 15 minutes on the threadmill
followed by: 30 minutes on handbike (actually dapat 15 minutes lang din pero dahil sa na-corner ako ni marlo at pinagawa nyang 30 minutes. ang laki daw kasi ng upper body ko ngayon!)
then: 3 sets of 50 reps sit-ups
then: 20 minutes on the stepper
then: machines for triceps
then: 15 minutes on the bike
finally: stretching

i wanted to take the rotex pa nga kayalang di na kinaya ng powers ko. salamat sa overflowing free red bull that night.

i really felt great. with steam bath and sauna right after. sobrang relax...

i am very much satisfied...

but i als had a hard time sleeping last night

maybe because nasobrahan ako sa red bull kaya di ako makatulog...

... or because i am patiently waiting for something that was promised to me?


im ok now...

all the doubts are gone...

everything's back to normal...

TRUST... is the very word.

I'd rather believe in you than to anybody else...


a very good movie... i heard good reviews about this and proved it right last night.
thumbs up!!


last night was one of the most i would treasure forever...

i wouldn't need to say a word...


after that crappy feeling, i thought it was the worst...

there's much more to it pa pala... damn!

and i know that there is much more that i should look upon at...

or maybe i should just rely on my trust?

as long as i don't have the proof, i will still believe that everthing's ok..

kaya nga may word na "benefit of the doubt" di ba?


it wasn't really the kind of weekend that i expected to be. it was more than "bad" as i thought it would.

I expected so much... inviting disappointment to my system.

I don't have any choice either... or maybe I had. I just didn't (or at least even tried) to see the light in it.

I just thought that things are better that what it seems to be.

But its not.

i choose...

... to be HAPPY
despite of...


it has been weeks, or should i say months, since we've last talked.

back then, we used to talk everyday. keeping in touch is in our system. aside from seeing him everyday on national television every morning and on primetime shift, we always make sure that we talk and catch up everytime we're both free. he would call me up on my cellphone and talk for hours, or sometimes we go out.. depende sa trip.

lately, it has been different. no calls..or even text messages. there are some but mostly forwarded messages. i wonder how is he? what is he doing? what's up with him?

i know what happened has been very hard for him. and i understand how he felt. i never said a word though. i just waited until he opened-up and tells me everything. and then he kept quiet. I tried to reach out for him but I can't even find him. maybe he just needs space.. some time for himself....

surprisingly, after months, i heard about him through our bestfriend. the past weeks i always asked this bestfriend of ours about him.. how is he doing...what's up with him. i did missed him so much. the fact that he never keeps in touch. I just assumed that he's fine.. coz i still see him on tv doing his works and he seemed to be ok naman.

anyway, our bestfriend told me that he's doing fine. that he is quite happy with what's been happening to him lately. Good. I mean, I'm happy to know that he's doing great... and that he's having the moment of his life having in him what he wanted the most. not like before when all i can see is the sadness in his eyes...a longing which he couldn't have... the hapiness he coudn't exactly get.

i may not know every details of what they have talked about but for sure, he's fine. im glad that he again communicated, even not to me, but still i know he's there.

i can't take away the fact that we are still friends... no matter what it takes. i dont know if he doesn't feel like talking to me or whatever but i am still here. i just miss the "good old days"

and i just wanted him to be happy.

as for me, i am. so much. i never thought i would recover from the pain that he unintentionally caused me... but i did... and im ready to hear from him again... because we are "friends".


of my blog...

after a while of questioning why the background of my old template isn't working, i've finally decided to have a new one...

and here it is...

comments and suggestions are very welcome...

Didn't go to the gym last night... instead, met up with Bespren Nikay over dinner at Sbarro.

Just a little catching up over what has been up with us lately... updating... and spending a little time together.

Sad... we forgot to take some snaps...

Thanks Besty.. for the quality time....

On my way home, I was caught up with this song... I just thought of downloading it because it was by DISHWALLA and I never thought I would love it as much as I do now...


on Vineland past the candle shrine that burns on every night
for someone
she lets herself go
like an angel in the snow
she lays down on her back
down on her back - she goes

take me over when I'm gone
take me over make me strong
take me over when I'm gone
will they burn for me

on Vineland past the candle shrine that melts into the street design
she waits - for someone
tonight she'll give herself away
she'll break apart all by herself
its so easy how we come undone

take me over when I'm gone
take me over make me strong
take me over when I'm gone
will they burn for me

she pulls me in - strips me down
she pulls me in - turns me out
she pulls me in - strips me down

take me over when I'm gone
take me over make me strong
take me over when I'm gone
will they burn for me
will they burn for me


... because i have this!!!
my new baby...

on my way to work this morning, i noticed the signs all over..

there's a 3-day midnight madness sale at all the malls around the area.. SM, Robinson's Galleria and Pioneer.

Lech! expect the traffic again tonight...

and the shopahollic queen attacks again... oops.. i know my limits now.. that's why i left my credit card at home...kase delikado.. di ako magaling magcontrol kapag hawak ko credit card ko e.

there's a lot more to spend to like my regular thyroid treatment.. and bills... i couldn't afford to overspend again into some stuffs i dont really need that much. Im crossing my fingers...


today is Friday the 13th... though i really don't believe on pamahiin, it just sounds creepy to me...

my lower body hurts... sobra! the reason why i didn't go to the gym yesterday. This is the first time that it hurts this much. This could be because of the leg exercise marlo gave me last tuesday. Ikaw ba naman ang mag squats with weights, lunges and crunches for one hour. Nasobrahan yata ako.. or should I say nabigla lang siguro legs ko. Im planning to workout tonight so as to overcome this pain.. tingin ko kelangan lang sundan ng cardio...


Almost HALF-DONE with workloads! Great! And its gonna be a weekend again! Perfect!

Though I have to come over to another raket tomrw... Need to finish some book lay-outs and design. Buti na lang madali lang sila kausap. *grin*


Sarap mag BAKASYON!!! pwede kaya magleave ng matagal tapos magspend ng time ng walang iniisip na work or anything else????

A shout out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE! The girl with the "longest hair" of Fitness First Wynsum! Thanks for all the kindness! Stay sweet! See you around!

my mood

im missing my baby...

BOXING. After months of doing my regular workouts, --- cardio, free weights, cross-trainings, etc. --- i thought (well marlo asked me to) of doing boxing training. I have one last Thursday with Mitch (another trainor at the gym which so happened to be his closest colleague and somehow we became close too). It was an almost 2 hrs training. She taught me the basics... Straight punch, job, hook, upper cut, and combos.

Now i know why they say that boxing is most effective when you want to tone your arms.
Kasi you have to give your most energy when you punch. I guess it's an advantage to me kasi normal na malakas akong sumuntok. It was a feel-good training. Ang sarap ng feeling after.. kasi feeling ko lumabas lahat ng pawis ko and iba yung feeling compared to regular work-out.

I did good on straight and job punch... Im happy with that. Bad trip lang medyo nahihirapan ako sa upper cut.. hehehe... but i know eventually I can do it.. konting practice pa..

Thanks to mitch for letting me use her boxing accesories. And for being patient in teaching me the stuffs. And the best thing about it.. its FREE!! Thanks too to Marlo for not letting me pay for it... sana may next time pa ulit...

Well, actually supposed to be meron. Last Saturday he asked me if I want to do boxing again but no, I can't. After the thursday training, I have this upper body pain... na sobrang sakit. I know its the effect of it kaya di ko kakayanin na sumabak ulit sa sakit ng katawan. I'd rather have cardio nalang.
Yesterday, it was a pamper-myself-moment for me. Had a body scrub and massage at
Body Care, Fitness First Libis. Ang sarappp!!!!

I had the strawberry scrub applied on me for 1 hour.. then followed by a 10-minutes steam bath-- then a massage with a strawberry lotion. Perfect!!

Salamat sa GC ng Fitness First!

After the spa, had my hair cutted... shorter than the usual. New look ba.. *wink*

At the end of the day, I felt rejuvinated. Sobrang sarap ng feeling...

Thanks for always making me smile... and thanks for sharing your life with me... I would always be very greatful for HIM that I have known you and have you as part of my life.

Some people might mistakently thought a different thing about us, but as what you have always say to me, minding them would leave us no good. We both knew the real score.

I just want you to know that you are special...

Basta ang importante, ok at masaya tayo.. di ba?


... oo nga pala... salamat din sa motivation mo sakin para mahalin ang handbike, mga free weights, at mga strength machines sa gym! hahahahaha!


At exactly one week now, Milenyo hit the city... the electricity shut down...

Happy are the most who have their electricity on again for days now.. but as for me... and the rest of my neighbors (us who occupies that 2 blocks area... na tanging kame lang..) still suffers from this no-electricity-no-water thing. Nakakabadtrip makita na pagdungaw ko sa terrace, makikita ko yung kapit-bahay ko na nageenjoy manood nng tv... maliwanag ang bahay nila! Samantalang ako... daig ko pa ang naputulan ng kuryente! Lintek na billboard yan!

Now I realized the advantage of being a member at the gym. For I am able to use (literally use) their facilities every morning and before going home. Sarap kasi ngayon ko navavalue ang hot shower nila! har!har!

For the past days I am super uber busy with overloads of projects. Cutting of deadlines, presentations, revisions... sabayan pa ng may pagka-makulit na client. Now, I am so overloaded... to the point na hindi na ako makausap ng mga tao sa paligid ko...

My apologies to anyone na nasusungitan ko... busy lang po ako!

I know I should be able to finish more than half of my work today. Even if it means staying late for tonight. I have other things waiting to be done on weekends which means, kelangan mag-double time...

Ganyan talaga pag magpapasko... kelangan rumaket ng rumaket....


Tonight... im hoping to be a special one...Up until Saturday... I hope it would turn out to be meaningful..


UAAP 69@96


GO USTe!!!!



No electricity...

No water...

for 4 days going on i dont know till when... ayoko na!!!!

Since "Milenyo" hit the city, we all suffered from this paranaoia. This is the worst of all.

I know everyone was affected. And some (including me) is still suffering from the aftermath of this super storm.

Leaving me with....

~ Walking from Strata (Emerald Ave.,) up to Magallanes (for me to be able to go home. Thursday. The day Milenyo invades the city. Ok lang kasi may kasama naman ako. Another adventure bonding with Erika. I know, walang panama ang 30-minute threadmill sa gym. 3 hours walkathon with matching rain... san ka pa???)

~After that walkathon, I found my crib in a disaster situation. Aside from the fact that there is no electricity (which I knew was nationwide), our water supply also went off plus, nasira lang naman yung bubong ko resulting to... may tumagas na tubig in one corner of my house. Syempre, disaster pati mga gamit ko.

~ For four days I have to go down on the ground floor para mag-igib ng tubig at pumanik sa 3rd floor sa unit namin. E sorry, isa lang ang timba ko kaya no choice kundi magpanik-baba. Talo ang cardio + strenght training workout.

~ No need to go to the gym. Since household activities are more than enough. Pero dahil sa init, I thought of going there on a Saturday.. pero wala ring wenta! Nanood lang ako ng UAAP game dun... Buti na lang magaling ang team namin! The Growling Tigers Won! Back to the gym, wala... mas mainit pa pala dun.

~ Have to pay 1peso/minute para sa cellphone charge. Grabe! Ang lakas ng benta ni manong sa kanto. Ginamit ang baterry ng kotse nya.. ayun! kumita sya dahil sa baterya nya!

~Hanggang nagyon wala pa ring power sa bahay. Sabi nila hanggat di nagagawa yung billboard na natumba sa tabi ng bahay, di kme magkakapower. Lech!

~ Buti na lang dito na ko ofc. May kuryente, may aircon, may internet... pwede kayang dito na lang mag stay???

Hanggang kelan ang kalbaryong ito??????

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