First message received : Bambam @ 12:02 am
First call received:
Monique @ 12:05 am

They are the first peeps who greeted me on my special day... Monique does it every year... hindi yan nauunahan e.. wee!

I am 25 now. Wow! and it was a wonderful week!!... having to celebrate my birthday for almost the whole week..

First stop --> INQ TV Office.... [Wed, Aug. 24]

Well aside from having no choice but to come to office even if its my birthday, Wednesdays is always the most stressful and toxic day for us here at INQ TV. Good thing I have this wonderful officemate named Dhes who is so kind to absorb my workloads for that evening so I could pull out early to catch the 7pm mass at Greenbelt.. birthday ko naman daw eh...

<----I gave them a pizza treat! 4 boxes of Greencab pizza (yun lang kasi afford ko eh...)---->

Here at our office, we looved having celebrations like this. Somehow it lessens stress and toxications from our workloads... lalo na pag libre!!!

I was touched when, right after the pizza, they brought in a black forest cake for me... :-) I don't expect them to give me something, but that was really flattering...

Lanie. (one of our reporters) gave me this so-cute earrings. She let me pick among her personalized pieces and this pair catches me...

As promised by Dhes, she stayed at the office the whole evening for me to leave early. I attended the 7pm mass at Greenbelt.. (of course with someone sooo special) I gave thanks to our Lord for giving me another year .. for all the blessings and guidance...

2nd Stop... HOUSE [Thurs, Aug. 25]

Just a simple celebration at our unit.. with my aunt and cousins... A greenwich special pizza and lasagna...

Chris and Mai brought in a Rocky Road Ice cream!!!!


3rd Stop... 1920 BAR (with creative peeps) [Fri, August 26]

My birthday wouldn't be complete without them...They are just like my bros and sis... And I loovee them soo much. We are suppose to do it at Pelangi but since majority wanted a change, might as well go to qc. And guess how much is the beer? Hah! Sobrang mura.. 12 pesos lang ang Colt Ice!

<== rayms, me, keebler, johnrey, yam, and kuya mon...

Syempre Danica didn't show up... Darwin and Net was in a coverage.. work asual.. but nevertheless, we had so much fun that night...

We ended up 5am.. without us knowing that it's already morning. You just have to see Bambam that time.. (Oh! I promised I wouldn't tell) Buti na lang kame na lang ni Kuya Mon ang nandun... weee!!! Peace Bam!

4th Stop: Bulacan with my Family [ Sat, Aug 27]

Of course, mawawala ba sa celebration ang family ko? I had it at Bulacan for my Lolo. I wanted to spent time with him as much as possible.

We had videoke and of course inuman...good thing about my dad.. we usually do drinking stuffs together... he just have his trust on me I guess...

5th Stop: College Dudes @ 1920 [Sat Aug. 27]

By afternoon, I headed straight at qc to meet my college friends at 1920. The same place where I had my treat with the creative peeps. This is the most memorable celebration from all!

Alfred and Dennis, whom I haven't seen for the longest time were there.. still the same old tropa I had wayback in college. And Doland, my "super-duper-loyal-forever-partner-in-crime" (what a descripttion huh?) despite of the toxic and busy schedule, still have the time to make everthing perfect. Sigmund called, to say sorry.. he just had an emergency flight to Cebu that day

---> isang tanong pa: "gwapo ba sya o hindi?" hehehehehe! Peace po!!!! <---

Although others didn't make it, (because of some "understandable" reason) its good to know that there are still some people who never forgets...

Nik... im looking forward on our thursday date!!! Weee!!!!

IT WAS A VER HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Thank God for making me the way I am.. for giving me all that I have...

Thanks to all who remembered!!!



AUGUST 24 1998...

It has been 7 years....

I can still picture everything that happened... so clear... so vivid...

It was the best celebration of my existence that I had ever had...

All my friends... my relatives.... my family... everybody was there...

Thanks daddy! Thanks mommy (missing you so much) for letting me experience that wonderful kind of celebration....



Sunday, it was an advance birthday celebration for me and my bestfriend-twin sister Cleng. Since we cannot spend our birthday together (we have the same birthday, fyi.. ) better celebrate it in advance. *wink*

Went to SM Sucat with her mom and kids. It was a stressful day caused by jampacked crowds and the kids are kinda malikot. But it's fun though...

We usually do this thing every year.. just this time, we have it in advance.

Checked out Her Bench Boutique and saw this cutie tee with "Inseparable" written on it. She bought 2 pairs and gave one to me. We have to wear it daw on our birthday... even if we're not together...

This shirt really says all about us....


Happy birthday Bes!!! mmmwwwwah!!!!

After attending the inter-ed briefing orentation (with our associate producer, les) at World Trade Center, I headed off to office for some "rush" stuffs...

It was so unusual that for that day, I haven't got any plan of going out... just as my besty sent me a message... "san kaw tonight?"... ergo, ending up having a movie date with her.. we are going to watch Bewitched! I have one!

While waiting for her, I checked out some "on-sale" clothes at kashieka and kamiseta.. I found this cute capri pants but still.. im having second thoughts of buying one.. considering I have to shell out bucks on the coming weekend....

As soon as my bes arrived, we treated ourselves with our favorite!!---> pasta! pasta!!! Since it's still early for the 8:20 screening time...we have it at Sbarro...

----> Nik had ziti with white sauce while I enjoyed my lasagna, both of us having raspberry iced tea :-) yummy!!! <------

Then we headed off to Glorietta 4 cinema 7 for Bewitched... We never expected that it would still be as jampacked as it is on its first week of airing... good we spotted a seat (which I guess is a pretty good spot.. kesa sa wala)

It was a good flick I should say. Though I've read a lot of bad reviews about it. It may not be as good as it is but it makes me feel good.. A "relaxing-feel-good-movie". Me and my besty are really giggling and laughing all throughout the flick. Nicole Kidman is really great... doing "Samantha".... she's really cute I should say. :-)

Though the ending is kinds bitin, it was fine after all. Once in a while we need this kind of feel-good movie after a week of workloads and stress, ayt?

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful night with my besty... our bondings happens quite often now and I was glad we had it... hope to see you on saturday, Nik!

Watched Chasing Liberty the other night at home with my cousins. I saw the copy on sale and I thought maybe it could be a good flick..

Well honestly, I've been dying to watch it that time on the big screen, but I never got the chance...

Matthew Goode..!!! he's wonderful! He really looks good... right? (he's actually on my wallpaper right now) *wink*

A typical story.. romantic comedy with a twist... a feel good movie, I could say...

Mandy Moore... I liked her better on How To Deal...

I met her in person November last year (if my memory serves me right) when she visited Manila for a concert tour. I guess it was also for the AIDS campaign... That time, Chasing Liberty was still on the production stage...

I saw her at A walk To Remember and How To Deal... she was good though...

I didn't like her that much not until after my 30-minutes one-on-one talk with her. Suddenly my perception about her changed... which kinda made me interested with her next movie... that is Chasing Liberty

I was star strucked with her at that moment she approaches us and says "hi". That smile on her face got me on my nerves that I never really knew how I managed to do the interview...

"Oh my God, she was so tall"

"She looks like a doll"

"Will I be able to do this?"

"Lord, please dont let me stutter"

"She's beautiful... she's nice"

"She speaks english too fast.. what do you expect huh?"

... just some of the thoughts I have in mind at that time

Oh!.. my talk with her was great! I almost lost the chance to take a photo with her because I've eaten up 28 minutes of interview.

This is one of the most wonderful experience that I had on my career. Knowing that I was able to have an up-close and personal talk with Mandy Moore is something I never even thought about... and it happened. I would never even know if this would happen again...

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Now youre seeing a personalized template which I patienly did since last night...

Thanks to Adobe GoLive!! weehee!!!

I know I still have to restore lots of blog stuffs... but at least I have a template to work on na di ba???...

*wink wink*

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Just when I opened my blogger account, I can almost cry seeing that my template was all ruined! I dont know why but everything was crashed down to the very little detail --> tags, codes, urls, css, EVERYTHING! Which I don't know why!!!

So, forgive me besty.. for using this template (honest, I don't intend to pattern it with yours... *wink*) Its just that other template wouldn't work. Grrr!!! I hope I could upload my GoLive template soon!!!

Having to this reformatting stuff means installing everything from scratch... haloscan (which I've already done), unkymoods, counters, blinkies, etc!!! Haaaayy!!!

What les told me earlier seems to be some sort of premonition, huh! ayt les??? "Yung blog mo, sobrang plain ha!!!... alam mo pwede mong icustomize yun.." Yeah right! So now, Im doing it... *wink*

This is not so fun... believe me... *sob*

sunday smile

i thought it would just be the same old plain weekend...

then i realized, yes... it was just a thought...

coz just before my weekend ends... somebody changed my plain-simple-old-routinary mood...

someone brought a smile on my face...

and... it just makes my weekend complete...




just lately, im getting tagged by
donald duck...

I dunno.. i find him cute, I guess.

I actually found this cute red shirt at the "ukay", a block away from our office. I immadiately grab it! I know I gotta have that shirt... (which I'm actually wearing now *wink*)

No, Im not an avid fan of his cartoon show or whatever...I just looovvveeddd him!!!

Isn't he cute????

in the middle of a very stressful-toxic-cramming day, an officemate texted me: "may starbucks dito sa baba!"

I immediately went downstairs with my other officemates and there it is! A starbucks van loaded with frappuccino for free! FREE!!... whew! once in a blue moon that starbucks is giving away their coffee, huh!

As soon as I got mine... i wonder... "when was the last time did I have my mocha frap?" Three months ago? hmmm....

Now is just like saving a hundred bucks while enjoying grande of caramel mocha frappuccino topped with whipped cream at the comfort of my workzone...

Tell me, how cool is that??



D is for Dignified
A is for Athletic
I is for Ideal
S is for Strong
Y is for Yummy
C is for Colorful
A is for Ambitious
P is for Playful
U is for Unusual
L is for Legendary
I is for Impassioned

---> YUMMY??? Hah! I think so!!! *wink wink*

What Does Your Name Mean?

Just bought a NINA Live Album. :-)

Well, she's just one of my favorites. Wayback 2003 when I did an interview with her.. that time, it was her "Heaven" album that she's promoting. She was a newbie then. And look at her now.. breaking the opm industry with a bang!

I remember when the assignment was given to me, my first question: "who the hell is nina?" and honestly, I didn't like her video of Heaven. It was at Streetlife when I first saw her personally... I think she's sexy... and she's ok naman pala... she has a good voice.. yeah... she does. Then the following week, I went over at Warner Music Office to have a one-on-one talk with her again... she does look good naman pala. *wink*

After the interview, we had pizza together.. with her manager then... that started it off. She's a nice person naman pala... much more when my friends and I went to Bedrock Makati, nagkataon sya yung performer... and yeah... hindi sya snob... unlike some other... She recognized me we even have some little chat.. :-)

<----- @ Warner Music Philippines... with Vanessa (TV Promotions Exec.) and Areen (my partner)

At the launch of her second album "Smile", again I was there to cover it. I have to do another interview with her, and I was just glad she remembered me.. :-) She's still the same old Nina as she were back then. :-)

@ Red Box Greenbelt

(awww!!! sobrand ilaw!!!) ---->

Now, it kinda feel bad.. oww... not naman that bad... that I have to buy an album. Coz before, I used to get them for free... Promotional copy pa nga e... coz everytime I do presscon and launch coverages, the labels usually allot a copy to the press people. You just have to see my cd collections!!! hehehe!

Anyway, this live album is good! I mean I liked it. 280 bucks is just really fine!! :-) It has my favorite "fall for you" originally done by shanice... And, really.. its good...I loved it!!

My Life

August is my month… My favorite month of the year!

In few weeks now, I would be a year older. I wonder, In my 25th year of existence, have I been able to get what I want? Would I say I have become what I wanted to be? I don’t know exactly if the answer is yes or no. Its just that I have some musings on my head and I have a lot of things to be thankful for…


· For three years of living independently (after my mom left us three years ago), I’ve learned a lot from life. I have grown into a person that I am now… stronger and more complex… the childishness in me have lessened (though sometimes its still there), and I have come to understand complicated things and still manage to keep calm.

· I have the job that I wanted eversince I was a kid. Drooling over working in a media is my greatest dream. And now, here I am… enjoying my work, satisfied and still growing in the industry.

· Financially I am fine. Thank God I don’t have to ask support from anybody and still manage to help those in need. I am able to buy what I want and could still catch up with my bank account. This is a great blessing! Thus, I told myself, I would continue helping people (as long as I have something to give) to my own extent. Because it’s a different feeling when I know I have been able to help people in my own simple and little ways.

· I have friends who are angels to me. My bestfriends who are so true. Though I’ve also met people who are not so “true” to be my friend… using me for their own sake… (minsan kasi tatanga tanga ako… nagpapagamit din ako) I easily trust people and that’s my weakness

· I have a wonderful dad and I’m glad we are closer than before. I am really a Daddy’s girl when I was a kid and now, we’re getting to be more of a barkada. And I love it!

· I’ve met different kinds of people.. Celebrities (foreign and local), Politicians, Ordinary people… having to talk and interact with them. It’s a different feeling….

· I have been recognized in the field that I’ve chosen and its more than an accomplishment.

· I’ve been in love many times. I have fallen and failed. Fall again and experienced pain. Just when I understand what really Love is. It’s a wonderful feeling being in love and it is much more wonderful to feel pain… coz that’s when you know your feelings are true… and then learned from it.

· I have learned that it is ok to cry. It’s my way of releasing my bad feelings… but after that, I have to let go and continue moving.

· Most of all, I am thankful to God for granting me another year to live and to make up for all my mistakes. For all the blessings that I have and for being the person that I am now…

Still, there’s this little emptiness in me. A place in my heart reserved for that someone I am waiting and praying for my whole life. I may or I may not know that someone, he might be someone I am with now… but God only knows. And when he comes, my life is totally complete…

I am doing this blog thinking and assuming that my besty is doing hers also... about what happened earlier, or about us, or maybe about me... Hah! (sana hindi nya ko ibenta! hahaha!) ---> too late, daei! Network problems just caused me to post this blog a bit late... but to make everything clear, I have to post this first before reding her entry. *wink*

Anyway, let me introduce her to you...

Her name is Monique... or should I say ATTY. MONICA CECILIA F. ALMEIDA (oops!!! sorrry!! didn't mean to post your full name). She really hates it when you call her by her full name.. Monica.. much more as Cecilia. Better call her Katie and she will love you!!! Considering herself as the long lost twin sister of Katie Holmes. And yep! she's a lawyer. Just recently she passed the bar exam and I am very very proud of her. Imagine! pwede na akong magloko coz she's here to defend me. har!har!!!

Of the five of us, she's the most who knew everything about me. As in everything! Even my DEEP DARK SECRET, my most humiliating one, my crying moments, and yeah.. I wont forget she's the first one I told about having my first boyfriend... (that d-d-s? girl, I reallly owe you a LOT!!)


The whole barkada ---> Vanny, rina, Chris, Moi, and Nik <----- sa favorite naming tambayan.... Boarding house ni Mang Boy

untitled 1

Day after graduation sa Pav... this time kasama na si Chi!! :-)

She's really good in keeping secrets. Tried and tested! Much more proven that until now, she's keeping the most humiliating , most embarassing secret of my life. She knew it because we're together when it happened. October 14, 2001, 2pm, Welcome Rotonda ---> this marked our greatest bond as Bestfriends!

Earlier, I was at her place. I dropped her a visit since I was along the area naman. As usual, tulog sya... and syempre ako ang kanyang alarm clock. I know naistorbo ko tulog nya pero ok lang yun!!! I remember the last time we were together was when we had an overnight stay at ...... somewhere... hehehe!!! And hopefully we could do it again.. right??? *wink* This time sama natin si van.


But please let me know in advance so I wouldn't have to go out at 2am... *wink*

NiK & mE

----> "somewhere"<--------
Her mom was there. I remember when she celebrated her 18th birthday... when her mom told her about my built. Hah!!! That started them to call me "macho girl" . Hah! Pero ok lang yun. Sexy na naman ako ngayon e, di ba nik??? Sey yes honey!!!

I remember I was close to her dad too, then. Especially that time when I got caught up from long distance calls. hehe! He always asked me to take care of Monique while in school. He was a loving Dad and she was a Daddy's Girl. And, Im happy to see her fulfilling the promise she made to him.

I was really glad to see Monique again. Kute as what we call her sometimes, my ka-chismisan sa boarding house (remember how we criticize on somebody...??? the point of spying on her.. kaw kse e!!!), the one you could come to when you want to know something about me (but for sure, she wouldn't unless you gave her a fee..? hehehe)

An oh! remember Tagaytay??? The first time I've been grounded? I remember how she'd managed to balance her attention between me and her boyfriend back then...Sobra! Kasi ako lang walang partner nun e...

Merely, this page wouldn't be enough to count all the memories we had ---

  • Splurging at Tutuban (kahit malakas ang ulan)
  • Tapes Collection (tape lang kasi afford natin nun e)
  • Grotto Vista Outing
  • Drug Rehab project
  • PE Classes (especially Dancing and Swimming)
  • Fights with our Volleyball Classmate (care of Chi)
  • Takas ng playstation kay Mang Boy
  • Mars Disco (Sophomores Ball)
  • Debut natin!
  • Paskuhan
  • Dawson's Creek

:-) ------ much much more------ :-)

Really, I am blessed having a bestfriend in her. For 10 years (nga ba??? or more?? and hopefully till forever) we've been together, never a single moment did she let me down. She's always there to listen, to understand, and to care. She's just like a little sister. More than anybody else, she's an angel to us.

Labshu Nik!!

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